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How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Date:   Jan 22, 2019 - Jan 23, 2019
Time:   8:30 AM (EST)
1 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON


A typical RFP has 50 pages of text, 2500 lines, 1000 paragraphs, 120,000 characters and 20,000 words. Sounds familiar? 

Given today’s business environment, supply chain professionals in both the private and public sector face the daunting challenge of writing RFP’s, and to do so in a professional manner.

Come and learn from the knowledge and years of practical experience of Glynn Hancott. Glynn has written numerous RFPs, both in public and private sector. Through interactive discussions and group work, this two-day seminar will teach you the techniques and show you how to understand the critical areas of an RFP and focus on them. You will also write an RFP based on the content


Anyone responsible for writing and developing RFPs for any level of government or non-governmental business will benefit from the valuable ideas, information and insights offered by this seminar.

If you are acquiring goods, or services, for the private sector or you are in the federal, provincial, municipal, a city or town, or a college or university, this seminar will be of benefit to you, and your organization.


How to Write an RFP is a seminar that is designed to prepare you to write the core components with confidence, and to help you to develop it in a structured and logical manner.

Participants will learn how to craft RFPs that mitigate the risks and meet the rapidly developing industry standards of the modern procurement environment.  This program is designed to help guide you safely into the fast lane of document production by:

  • understanding the core components of a RFP;
  • writing the language that best fits a RFP;
  • applying the learning from day one & day two into crafting better RFP’s;
  • translating technical and industry jargon into business language;
  • collaborating with clients and linking each of the core RFP components;


There will be a PowerPoint presentation of the critical areas of a RFP, short exercises, reviewing case studies and profiling RFP’s that were challenging.

The agenda will consist of a series of lectures and interactive group work. Participants will work in groups, and learn how to articulate the deliverables, mandatory requirements, evaluation criteria and the bid form into a RFP, and ensure they work together to provide value for money.

Both days include a discussion, and an interactive session, where the core components will be discussed and written as follows:

  • Scope statements
  • Deliverables
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Evaluated criteria
  • Price Schedule
  • Linking
  • Flow

Each participant will be placed in a group on day one and be given a broad scope statement to work on the development of a RFP, during day one & two.  Some of the topics and scope statements are as follows:

RFP for Federal Government, Provincial Government, Regional Government, Municipality, University, College, School Board, Pharmaceutical Company, Bank, Insurance Company and a Private Company.

This interactive discussion will also feature a discussion and analysis of how the RFP process can be used by government and big business, as a tool to acquire goods and services, locally and globally, at a competitive price and acceptable quality.



Glynn Hancott 

Glynn Hancott is a transformative supply chain professional who has delivered positive change within the industry through his enthusiasm and dedication in developing a sharp vision, strategic mindset and always staying ahead of the curve.

A proud public servant with over 30 years’ experience in supply chain management, Glynn has been a catalyst for increased productivity and savings within the Ontario Public Service in Canada. As the Manager of Procurement Planning and Corporate Services in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Glynn was instrumental in streamlining many key procurement business processes, such as the renewal process for I&IT software licenses and annual maintenance and support. This resulted in reduced spending, stronger vendor relationships and has enabled staff to focus on more strategic activities. Dynamic and with a passion for building rapport with individuals, he has forged lasting working relationships with staff and senior leaders who respect his commitment to deliver results through problem-solving and innovation. 

A member of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) since 1978, and a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) since 1999, Glynn is proud to have contributed to the supply chain industry’s evolution from its role in creating operational efficiencies to having a seat at the table in strategic conversations. A notable example is how many of the most successful organizations are building entire business models around supply chain management.

True to character, Glynn received many awards, some of them include the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) in 2015. Also, in 2015, Glynn was awarded The Lewis E. Spangler Award from the International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management.

This seminar is worth 10 Continuous Professional Development / Maintenance Credit

Seminar Cost

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Non-Members: $1245 + HST (13%)

  • Included with the registration fee, non-members receive a 1-year membership in the SCMAO

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