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LEAN Sustainable Supply Chains & the Next Industrial Revolution

Date:   Feb 22, 2018 - Feb 23, 2018
Time:   8:30 AM (EST)
1 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

The next Industrial Revolution will be the perfect storm of LEAN business thinking, the emergence of Industry 4.0 Cyber Physical Systems and significantly more Sustainable Supply Chains.  This seminar will provide a detailed explanation of these business disruptors, and how they will significantly effect business strategy. It will explain how this revolution will have a significant impact on current business practices, why some will become obsolete, and why management thinking must adapt. It will also project the outlook and opportunities for Canadian business as this revolution unfolds and a roadmap for planning and undertaking a proactive competitive journey.

Day 1

Business drivers 2020 to 2050

  • Future predictions on economic and business/environmental outlook.
  • Socio political impact …Globalism versus Nationalism and Political resets
  • Global Free trade and liberalized trade concepts
  • Globalized manufacturing and future pros/cons for sustainability.
  • Decreasing product life cycles and the impact on sustainability
  • Industry 4.0 and the rise of the technocrats


Key business improvement initiatives and disruptors

LEAN/Six Sigma… Why these initiatives will drive Supply chain design in the future

  • LEAN thinking business practices and Sustainable supply chains.
  • How does LEAN thinking modify the use of ERP and eliminate operating waste?
  • Product innovation and Six Sigma and product/business sustainability
  • 5 basic business cycle loops in any business?

Industry 4.0 … The Next Industrial Revolution

  • Cyber-Physical systems
  • ERP 2.0 … next steps in business systems
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Robotics and Sensors
  • Big Data and Connectivity

The concept of Business Sustainability

  • Sustainability definitions
  • Sustainable supply chain management (SSCM)…

Why LEAN, Sustainability and Industry 4.0 are “the perfect storm” for business transformation


Business Sustainability as a goal

  • Why SSCM is the next LEAN target area
  • SSCM adoption story so far…..
  • The sourcing double bind
  • The supply chain magic cube
  • Impact on Supply Chain business models and Organizational/ logistics structures


New Sustainable Supply Chain LEAN Tools and performance measurements

  • Supply management tools and skills for the future
  • A Sustainable supply chain LEAN management checklist and score card
  • How to optimize and improve the sustainability of supply chains?
  • Carbon footprint management…. Targets/Legislations/ Cap and Trade and other alternatives
  • Logistics/ Transactions/ Transportation simplification
  • Waste reduction materials/Energy/Labor etc.
  • Pollution and recovery effort of Water/Air/Land/Health/ noise /human Stress etc.
  • Impact of product service life /design on sustainability
  • Business sustainability ethics and the boardroom.


Future Perspectives on Business Sustainability

  • Business(factory) of the future vision/s
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Commodity price trends and the effect on sustainability and sourcing trends
  • The Age of Over-Supply and waste and the impact on sustainability
  • Changes in supply/purchasing/procurement trends
  • Changes in social norms and patterns
  • The next generation employee



The Evolution of Supply Chain Management roles in industry

  • The buyer to procurement facilitator
  • The engineering role shift
  • The marketing information over-load
  • The changing role of the supply chain manager


A SSCM case study and group discussion

  • A real-life example to generate class interaction and group effort


Take Back Manufacturing in North America and Canada

  • History/Current situation/Outlook
  • Reshoring and balanced sourcing/Localized trade blocs
  • EDC Reshoring study
  • CME Manufacturing in Canada outlook.
  • Business investment issues /solutions


Government sustainability thrusts and future legislations

  • The evolution of sustainability standards and legislations
  • The sustainability journey of the market leaders
  • Canada and the global rest and the sustainability dilemma


Discussion on implementation in your business or department

  • Individual plans for a SSCM using the toolkit
  • Prioritizing your organizations journey

Instructor: Nigel Southway C.Eng IEEE, MSc, Nexus Consulting


Nigel has spent his career focused on Business Productivity Improvement and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering in a global arena spanning a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, High-tech Electronics, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products and Appliances, Steel, Mining and a variety of Service Industries.  He has been an architect of organizational change and improvement for several major manufacturing companies in the areas of LEAN, Six Sigma, ERP, DFM, NPI, Manufacturing Technology Transfer, Plant re-organization and relocation, Global balanced sourcing and manufacturing logistics, Additive Technologies and introducing the Industrial Internet of Things to business. Some of his clients include: J.M. Schneider Inc, Procter and Gamble, Ever-Ready Battery, Royal Canadian Mint, Inland Steel, British Airways, Baxter, Ciba Corning, Citibank, Royal Ford, GE MARCONI, NOMA, Glaxo to name a few.  He is the author of CYCLE TIME MANAGEMENT, a ground breaking LEAN Thinking textbook and a lifelong member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

This seminar is worth 10 Continuous Professional Development / Maintenance Credits

Seminar Cost:

  • Members $945.00 + HST (13%)
  • Non-members $1145.00 + HST (13%)
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