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Blockchain Technology: The Pathway for Tomorrow's Trusted Supply Chains

Date:   Oct 25, 2017 - Oct 25, 2017
Time:   12:00 PM

Recent advances in technology are transforming industries and professions, from banking to supply chain.  Blockchain is one of the key disruptors.  It is the technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin but entirely separate from its financial applications, it presents tremendous opportunities – and new challenges – to traditional business models in almost every sector.  It has the potential to completely reorganize global supply chains, allow for far better traceability and accountability, and streamline operations.  Far from science fiction, blockchain is quickly gaining mainstream momentum.

Mislabeled seafood has become such a prevalent practice that it threatens to compromise the integrity of the entire seafood market. Victims of supply chain fraud aren't only consumers, but also retailers who trust a supply chain riddled with misleading practices. This not only holds true for seafood but is the case in a variety of industries where global supply chains are at play.

This webinar will introduce the technology and focus on issues and impacts in global supply chain management, security issues, types of blockchain protocols, and much more.

 Topics discussed during this session:

  • Issues in global supply chain management
  • Security issues current with IT system architecture
  • High level introduction to blockchain technologies
  • Types of blockchain protocols (public/private)
  • Introduction to Proof of Process Protocol
  • Properties for a secure shared system in the context of supply chains
  • Bureau Veritas supply chain traceability proof of concept
  • How blockchain networks will help the supply chain manager
  • Q&A
About the Facilitator:
Sébastien Couture is Co-founder and Technology Evangelist at Stratumn. Stratumn leverages blockchain technologies and advanced cryptography to provide enterprise-grade solutions that allow organizations to securely collaborate with partners, customers, and regulators. Their Proof of Process Technology, helps enhance regulatory compliance while improving data protection and reducing operational costs. This distributed data governance infrastructure is being deployed by Fortune 500 companies in Europe and North America in a number of industry sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, insurance and capital markets.

With over a decade of experience in digital strategy, Sébastien has worked with a diverse set of companies in various industries better embrace and utilize digital technologies. Having discovered Bitcoin in 2013, he is also the Co-founder and host of Epicenter, a podcast covering the blockchain and distributed technology ecosystem. With over 200 episodes and more than 1 million downloads, Epicenter is one of the primary thought leadership platforms in the industry. 

Sébastien is a Canadian national and currently lives in France, where he has resided for the last decade.

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